This is How a Robot Vacuum Cleaner Works, Safe and Clean!

This is How a Robot Vacuum Cleaner Works, Safe and Clean!

Each era has its own technological developments. As is happening today, namely the presence of robots that are able to clean the corners of the house. The robot is not large in size, but is able to clean like a human. So, the question is, how does a robot vacuum cleaner work?

Before answering this question, it cannot be denied that robot vacuum cleaners are able to reduce the role of humans. You don’t need to bother cleaning the floor with a broom, but just use a robot.

However, before the robot vacuum cleaner existed, humans also used vacuum cleaners. However, here there is still a role for humans to control the tool. It’s different if the shape has changed to a robot.

To find out more about robot vacuum cleaners, here is how a robot vacuum cleaner works. In addition, the information below also includes the advantages and recommendations of Onassis. Read more below.

How a Robot Vacuum Cleaner Works

The presence of robot vacuum cleaners is the reason why humans have been replaced in cleaning the house. However, this is an advantage because you can do other activities.

Actually, the way a robot vacuum cleaner works is quite simple. You only need to place the tool on the floor. After that, press the ON/OFF button and the device will turn on. Thus, the robot will move by itself.

Robot vacuum cleaners are tools that utilize various technologies. Starting from infrared, WiFi, cameras, sensors, navigation, to artificial intelligence.

There is a part of the robot vacuum cleaner in the form of a soft brush that can clean dust and dirt. Then, the dirt goes into the storage space which is considered internal storage.

One of the nice things is that the robot doesn’t make a lot of noise. This helps you to carry out other activities without being disturbed by sound. To charge it, the robot has a charger so you don’t need to worry about running out of power. So the robot can still clean the floor of the house until it is clean.

Advantages of Robot Vacuum Cleaners

Some of the advantages of robot vacuum cleaners include:


First, this robot is able to clean all areas, even unreachable corners such as sofas and under mattresses. This of course makes the home owner happy so that the house becomes clean instantly.


Second, because it is automatic, you only need to activate the ON/OFF button so the robot can do its activities. In fact, if the robot is integrated with an application, you can control it via the application.

One interesting thing is that you can manage the cleaning schedule so that the robot works according to the time.

Easy to use

Third, its automatic nature makes this robot easy to use. Apart from that, to operate the tool, you can use a smartphone application or remote control.

Maintain cleanliness

Fourth, this robot can help keep your home or office clean regularly. This way, you don’t have to worry about dust and dirt accumulating.

Saving time

Fifth, with this tool, you can save time cleaning your house or office so you can do other activities.


Sixth, the sound does not make noise so you can relax and do other activities. Apart from that, you can still optimize your rest time in peace even though the robot vacuum cleaner is working.

Energy saving

Lastly, these robots are usually more energy efficient than regular vacuum cleaners. This is of course beneficial for home owners.

In some case studies, these robots can also clean more efficiently and save you time, so you can focus your energy on other activities.

Onassis Provides the Best Vacuum Robot in Indonesia

Dust and dirt are things that disturb your comfort when you want to rest at home. When you are tired or tired, you want to immediately rest your body. So that your rest is not disturbed, transfer the cleaning responsibility to the robot vacuum.

Onassis, as the best provider of smart household equipment in Indonesia, has a cleaning product, namely Laserbot M8. With just one click your home will be clean and comfortable. With Onassis, the cleanliness of your home is guaranteed.


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