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Oppo Watch X with Badminton Feature Introduced in Medan

Oppo Watch X with Badminton Feature Introduced in Medan

Oppo Watch X with Badminton Feature Introduced in Medan – Medan -Oppo Indonesia visited the city of Medan, North Sumatra (North Sumatra) to introduce the Oppo Watch X. This smart watch comes with interesting features.
The introduction of the Oppo Watch There were many sports communities present at the event.

There is also an Oppo Watch Geo, Geoffanisa’s nickname, also shared his experience while using the Oppo Watch

Oppo Indonesia Public Relations Aryo Meidianto A said that currently watches are not only used to tell time. However, it can already be used for various measurements, such as monitoring health and sports activities.

“Oppo captured this by presenting its newest smart watch, the Oppo Watch

One of the features that differentiates the Oppo Watch He said this badminton feature was developed by Oppo with the help of professional badminton athletes.

“This is what differentiates it from the others is that we actually use the badminton feature, that is the only one now, because most smartwatches are taking up the market or the market is running away,” he said.

Aryo said that this badminton feature will collect data when the person wearing the watch plays badminton. Later, these data will be analyzed.

Including one of them is the strength or speed of the hand swing. A number of sports communities who attended the event took turns trying out this feature. They seemed happy to try it.

“This new feature is able to collect various special data during the game to produce post-match analysis in five areas of explosiveness, activity, endurance, confrontation and offensiveness, helping users adjust the strength and speed of the hand swing. The data that has been recorded can later be used as a guide, allows users to analyze weaknesses and improve their badminton game,” said Aryo.

Aryo explained that the Oppo Watch This device is designed to survive in all situations.

OPPO Watch X itself is available in two color choices, namely platinum black and mars brown. OPPO Watch

In terms of durability, said Aryo, this watch is made from stainless steel material which is equivalent to United States military standards. The glass material is also made of sapphire crystal.

Apart from that, this smart watch also has IP68 water and dust resistance certification, is water pressure resistant up to 5ATM, and has passed extreme temperature tests from -20° C to 55° C. So, detikers don’t need to doubt the quality of this watch.

“In terms of durability, this Oppo watch is very durable, the body is made of stainless steel, which is United States military standard. So, there is no doubt about the body itself,” he explained.

Aryo also explained the reason why Oppo Indonesia stepped in directly to introduce the Oppo Watch X in the city of Medan. According to him, Medan City is a potential area based on the background of its consumers.

Medan is seen by Oppo as a potential city to introduce the Watch At the Oppo Experience Store Delipark itself, the average Oppo device sold is in the upper middle class and flagships such as the Reno11 and Find series.

“This indicates that Oppo consumers in Medan City have high purchasing power for smartphone devices which automatically also applies to devices such as smart watches. The plan is that Oppo will introduce the Watch Oppo Experience Store Margocity in Depok,” said Aryo.

Geoffanisa admitted that this was the first time he had discovered a smartwatch brand that had a badminton feature. As someone who likes playing badminton, Geo admits that he is very happy with the presence of the Oppo Watch

“This is the first time I have seen a brand develop a special feature for badminton on a smart watch. This feature really helps me in collecting game data then analyzing it and helping me improve my hitting patterns. It is very suitable for various sports. Don’t doubt its power, the watch “This smart device is equipped with sapphire crystal glass and has military standards,” he explained.

So, for detikers who are confused about looking for a cool watch, you can try buying the Oppo Watch

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