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History of the Inventor of the Bicycle and Its Development in Indonesia

History of the Inventor of the Bicycle and Its Development in Indonesia

History of the Inventor of the Bicycle and Its Development in Indonesia -Inventor of the bicycle – Bicycles have now become a commonly used vehicle. Moreover, people don’t want to get stuck in traffic jams and don’t want to contribute to polluting the environment with air pollution. Since the corona virus hit the world, many people, especially Indonesians, have started to enjoy cycling as a sport.

Regardless of whether they just follow trends or really want to exercise. In fact, the presence of bicycles on the streets is increasing and increasing. For Grameds who might be among the cyclists mentioned above, maybe you should thank Karl Drais, the inventor of the bicycle himself.

You need to know that the bicycles that exist today were not just created and discovered. However, in the discovery process, there were several stages that previous people had to go through and dreamed of creating personal transportation. As written in the Columbia Encyclopedia, the ancestors of bicycles are thought to have come from France.

According to history, this country has known and used two-wheeled transportation since the early 18th century, they called the bicycle the velocipede. For many years, velocipede has been the only term that refers to the design of this two-wheeled transportation.

Of course, the construction of the bicycle is not made of iron. The model is still very primitive. Some even say that ancient bicycles could move without pedal sticks or tatocipede. But how? In this case, Rick Boneshaker answers it. So, two people are needed to turn the crank on the right side and the one on the left side of the bicycle with a speed guide of 109 km/hour. Then, the tatocipede will move to adjust the speed of the rotating crank.

History of Bicycle Inventor: Baron Karls Drais

Baron Karls Drais Von Sauerbronn is a person from Germany who is claimed to be one of the people who perfected the velocipede or bicycle. In 1818, Karls Drais created a two-wheeled means of transportation aimed at increasing his work efficiency. As someone who serves as Baden’s forest supervisor, he really needs high-mobility transportation facilities. However, the appearance of the model being developed is still unclear, whether it is a bicycle or a horse-drawn carriage. So people nicknamed his creation the dandy horse.

Karl Drais is also known as the person who discovered the Laufmaschine or walking machine, which was then called wheeled, draisine (English) or Draisienne (French). Karl Drais also invented the first typewriter with a keyboard in 1821. After that the machine developed into an early shorthand machine, and a more wood-efficient stove.

Drais began studying architecture, physics, and agriculture at the University of Heidelberg from 1803 to 1805. He also joined the civil service as an official forestry officer. Apart from that, he also works as a teacher at his uncle’s private forestry institution. Then in 1810 he received the title of chief forester, but did not yet get a commensurate position.

For the Indonesian people themselves, bicycle transportation is certainly no longer foreign. This environmentally friendly means of transportation also has quite a long history in Indonesia. But you need to know that the shape of ancient bicycles was very different from today’s bicycles. All of this cannot be separated from innovation and creativity developed by experts from various fields who help each other. The bicycle itself was first invented by Baron Karl Drais von Sauerbronn or better known as Karl Drais, as explained above.

Karl Drais started his first journey using a bicycle he made on June 12, 1817. Departing from the city of Mannheim headed to the city of Schwetzingen Relais Haus. Then he continued his journey from these two cities to the city of Braden in 1817. Because, at that time, not all people knew about bicycles. So, Karl Drais can reportedly go fast. Thanks to his journey on the bicycle he created, many media covered it.

At that time, the media that was still popular was newspapers. Karl Drais was published in a local German newspaper in 1817. Where he started calling the bicycle he made Draisienne. However, unfortunately Karl Drais’ popularity did not last long. Because after that there were various bicycle brands that emerged with their respective advantages. This then slowly shifted Karl Drais’ popularity.

The emergence of bicycle transportation in ancient times was almost the same as the emergence of car transportation today. Where the only people who can own it are certain people, such as nobles and successful and wealthy business owners. They were the few people who could enjoy bicycle transportation at that time. Then in the 1960s, along with the development of time and technology. Bicycles are starting to shift from their position as a luxury means of transportation. Because, in the following year, more modern means of transportation appeared, namely motorbikes and cars.

History of the emergence of bicycles in Indonesia

The history of the beginning of bicycles was created because of a problem faced by Karl Drais. Then its popularity became increasingly popular and spread to various countries. In Indonesia itself, such popularity was introduced by the Dutch during the colonial era. The Dutch brought European-made bicycles to serve as a means of transportation when colonizing the archipelago. However, not everyone can use a bicycle as a means of transportation. Only certain people can use it. Have you ever heard of the term Jengki bicycle? It is actually “yankee”, which is a term that comes from the Americans. The term emerged when Americans were able to invade Indochina in the 1960s.

Had Banned the Entry of Western-Made Products

If you ever get to know bicycle products from legendary brands such as  Phoenix and Butterfly, these bicycle products are bicycles made in China or China. The two bicycle brands were busy because President Soekarno banned all products originating from Western countries, including Western Europe and the Netherlands, from entering Indonesian territory.

If you look back, bicycle frames made in China are much lighter and smaller in size than those made in Western countries. So bicycles made in China are more suitable for use by Asian people. From there, jengki bicycles began to become popular as antique bicycles. Another name for this bicycle is sundung bicycle or moped.

Apart from jengki bicycles, there were also racing bicycles that appeared before World War II. Several bicycle racers from Indonesia are financed by several companies such as Hima, Mansonia, and also Triumph. The first time bicycle racing was held was in the city of Semarang. At that time, a velodrome or what was known as a venue for cycling racing was built, which was arranged directly by architects named Ooiman and Leeuwen. However, bicycle racing activities stopped during the Japanese colonial period. Then it was done again after Indonesia gained independence.

The second National Sports Week was held in 1951, bicycle racing became one of the official sports contested. Then, several areas began to form communities that were used as bicycle racing associations. Finally, the Indonesian Bicycle Sport Association or ISSI for short was established. This community was founded on May 20 1956 in Semarang.

The Most Popular Types of Bicycles Based on Their Use

The different structures and shapes of bicycles were deliberately created to maximize users according to the function of each type of bicycle. There are bicycles designed to support speed, endurance, efficiency, and also for attraction purposes. The following are several popular types of bicycles based on their uses.

As previously explained, the type of bicycle used depends on its type and design. Therefore, the use of bicycles will be more appropriate to support and meet community needs. So, what are the different types of bicycles based on the type of use? The following is the complete explanation:

1. Folding Bike

Folding bicycles are a type of bicycle that is popular with people who live in urban areas. Apart from the compact size of the bicycle, it can be folded, easy to store and doesn’t take up much space. This type of bicycle also has a lighter weight, making it easy to carry everywhere. Its use is more aimed at urban people who usually use public transportation. So there is no need to take the feeder mode anymore when they have brought a folding bicycle.

2. Mountain Bike or MTB

Mountain bikes are usually also known as mountain bikes or MTB. As the name suggests, this bicycle was originally only designed to conquer mountainous terrain. However, actually these bicycles are not only used for climbing mountains. You can also use this bicycle for various other activities in off-road terrain that are difficult for ordinary bicycles to pass. Mountain bikes are generally built with sturdy but flexible materials so they can survive uneven terrain.

3. Racing Bicycle or Road Bike

Racing bicycles are made in such a way as to be able to achieve high speeds on paved terrain. This type of bicycle generally has a frame and wheels that are light but still sturdy and are also equipped with an acceleration control feature. The world cycling championship using this type of bicycle has been held since 1868. The most popular and prestigious cycling event is the Tour de France championship.

4. Onthel Bike

Onthel bicycles are very unique and iconic bicycles. In Indonesia itself, this type of bicycle is known as pit kebo or buffalo bicycle. This bicycle is actually the forerunner of the jengki bicycle which also has a unique classic appearance. Many people like this type of bicycle because it has a unique design that is timeless. Generally, onthel bicycles are more sought after by people who like collecting old and unique items. The older the bicycle, the more expensive it is in the eyes of collectors.

5. Fixie Bike

Fixie bicycles, or whose original name is fixed gear bicycles, actually have frames and wheels that are almost similar to racing bicycles. The striking difference is in the mechanism. Fixie bikes have a non-free wheel movement mechanism. So that when you pedal forward, the pedals and tires will continue to move according to the force used. Not only that, if an ordinary bicycle cannot be ridden backwards, then it is different from a fixie bicycle.

This type of bicycle allows its users to do so. Because, we can move the wheels forward and also backward. These bicycles are usually also equipped with a hand brake. If you want to stop, you just need to turn the pedal in the opposite direction. At the beginning of their appearance, fixie bicycles were only used for bicycle races on special tracks in the velodrome area. However, now this type of bicycle is widely used as a casual or everyday bicycle.

6. BMX bike

This type of bicycle motocross or BMX has a quite unique shape. BMX bicycles are the favorite type of bicycle among millennials. This type of bicycle usually has wheels that are not as big as racing bicycles or fixie bicycles. Where BMX bicycle wheels have a smaller frame, slightly slanted, and also a lower seat. The design of the BMX bike is made to make it easier for users who usually do freestyle stunts on stairs, park edges, or benches, and other places in urban areas.

7. Touring Bike

Touring bikes generally have a shape and acceleration system like road bikes. However, this bicycle is equipped with additional special features. Touring bicycles are usually equipped with various equipment such as drink holders, luggage storage, and other places that are prepared to cover long distances.

8. Hybrid Bike

This type of bicycle is a modern bicycle whose design is a combination of a road bike and a mountain bike. The aim of making this bicycle is to meet the needs of bicycle users who want a manual two-wheeled vehicle that is tougher and has good speed.

These are some explanations regarding the history of the inventor of the bicycle, the development of bicycles in Indonesia, and the types of bicycles that you need to understand. If so, what type of bicycle do you have at home?

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