Technology, a word that plays a big role in the development of human life today. In the current era, perhaps almost all of the population throughout the world, including in Indonesia itself, are already enjoying technological advances. Talking about technology cannot be separated from the internet and gadgets which are the result of technology itself.
Technology and its rapid progress really help human life, even with existing technological advances it can create opportunities to earn money without having to even leave the house.


However, perhaps without us realizing it, the technology that exists today can turn into a threat in itself, if the technology cannot be managed and instead controls us.

The internet and gadgets are some of the results of technological advances. Nowadays, everything uses internet facilities, one of which is the world of education. In our country, in the last 2 (two) years almost all schools and universities, including elementary schools (SD) to high schools, have used internet facilities in the process of recruiting/accepting new students. This is very good progress of course, considering that technology must be introduced as early as possible for positive use, as well as provisions for entering the Free Market which will of course really focus on technology and advancing our society.

Apart from that, it also helps parents who previously did not understand how to use the internet so that they will accidentally learn and try to use it.

However, what is happening now is that most of us are abusing the use of technology, and this is also what happens to children today. Existing technology makes them individuals who prioritize themselves, far from direct social life, some even make technology or more precisely social media a substitute for family, parents and friends.

The internet or social media makes them far from their family, and sometimes they even spend their time in front of gadgets/computers.

Lack of supervision and the absence of clear information about the pros and cons of technology are the main factors causing misuse of technology in children so it would be very wise if existing technology is utilized as well as possible and becomes an opportunity rather than a threat.




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