Fulfilling the Digital Needs of the Young Generation, Axioo Launches the Latest Hype Series Laptop

Fulfilling the Digital Needs of the Young Generation, Axioo Launches the Latest Hype Series Laptop JAKARTA,  – The increasingly diverse digital needs of Indonesia’s young generation are now being met with the presence of the newest Hype Series laptop from Axioo . Designed with best-in-class performance and a sleek design, the latest Hype Series is said to be the new standard for lifestyle laptops in 2024.

Having high performance with a beautiful design, the latest Axioo Hype Series is priced at an affordable price. Consumers can also adjust it to the specifications they need and a price that fits their pocket. Because, this laptop which carries the Hype Up Your Life design theme is available in six variants or types with their own advantages.

First is the Axioo Hype 1 and Hype 10 series which are presented for the first-time computer user segment. This laptop is equipped with slim dimensions, a big-size keyboard, and a screen that can be bent 180 degrees.

Not only that, this series, which is priced very competitively, starting from IDR 2,499 million, also has upgradeable storage specifications and an Intel Celeron chip. These two series have good performance for doing assignments, working and zoom meetings.

Next, the Axioo Hype 3 and Hype 5 are equipped with Intel Core i3 and i5 chips. These two laptops are specifically designed to support the enterprise segment with a premium design supported by a big-size keyboard and hinge design to make it easier to position the keyboard when typing and provide maximum ventilation.

Both variants are also equipped with stronger and more stable processing chips and memory to support multitasking applications, data processing or analysis, creating presentations and using entertainment applications.

With these specifications, the Axioo Hype 3 and Hype 5 are priced starting at IDR 4,199 million. The final type, namely Axioo Hype 5 and Hype 7, is equipped with the best processing chip from AMD Ryzen to support the multimedia and entertainment segments.

Both variants are also equipped with a backlit keyboard and multi-screen output.

Oleh karenanya, Axioo Hype 5 dan Hype 7 bisa digunakan dengan nyaman untuk bekerja dan menikmati hiburan dalam satu perangkat dengan compact desain, baik multitasking aplikasi hingga memainkan game, semua bisa dilakukan. Kedua tipe unggulan tersebut dijual dengan harga mulai Rp4.999 juta. Menariknya, tipe tersebut juga memiliki memori dan storage yang dapat di-upgrade kapasitasnya.

VP Marketing PT Tera Data Indonusa Tbk (Axioo Indonesia) Roberto Saputra mengatakan bahwa series terbaru Axioo, yakni Hype Series akan menjadi pilihan terbaik anak-anak muda Gen-Z dan milenial. “Kami percaya Hype Series akan menjadi pilihan terbaik anak-anak muda Gen-Z dan milenial.

Dirancang dengan desain terkini, performa terbaik di kelasnya, serta harga yang kompetitif sehingga mudah dijangkau masyarakat. Axioo Hype akan menjadi solusi yang tepat untuk kebutuhan digital sehari hari maupun kegiatan digitalisasi di dunia kerja dan usaha,” kata Roberto.

Axioo Class Program

Not only launching various quality laptops at very competitive prices, Axioo is also involved in various efforts to improve technological skills in society. This is done through the Axioo Class Program which collaborates with various industry stakeholders and also the Indonesian Ministry of Education and Culture, Research and Technology in more than 900 vocational schools, universities/polytechnics and other educational institutions. Through this training, the Axioo Class Program has graduated more than 35 thousand students who have received industry-based curriculum and training.

Apart from students, Axioo also provides curriculum alignment programs, information technology-based learning, and international industry certification for teachers. VP Business Development and Strategic Partnership PT Tera Data Indonusa Tbk (Axioo Indonesia) Timmy Theopelus said that Axioo is committed to ensuring customer satisfaction by providing quality products and capable after-sales service, including the Axioo Hype Series.

“Every Axioo Hype Series product is protected by a 1 year warranty which is supported by more than 174 Axioo Service Centers throughout Indonesia. “Axioo has Same Day Service at the Axioo Care Platinum Service Center, to ensure customer satisfaction,” said Timmy.

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