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Descending a mountain, the founder of Google disappeared into the earth

Descending a mountain, the founder of Google disappeared into the earth

Descending a mountain, the founder of Google disappeared into the earth Jakarta, Beritaokewla Indonesia – The figure of Google founder Larry Page has disappeared from the public eye. However, recently he and other founder Sergey Brin were known to have been called by Sundar Pichai who is the CEO of Alphabet, Google’s parent company.
Page is known to have disappeared after deciding to step down from his position as CEO of Google and giving it to Pichai in 2015. He is known to have met Donald Trump, who was then president of the United States (US), at the White House in 2016.

He seemed uncomfortable being under public scrutiny. Since he was the head of Google, Page didn’t like being in the spotlight and rarely gave interviews. Especially after having health problems with his voice.

Since the last year, Page and his wife Lucinda Southworth have reportedly also been living in Fiji. The two of them are said to live on the island of Tavarua and reportedly bought one of the islands there.

When the pandemic hit Earth, Page was also known to live in New Zealand and was reported to have become a citizen there. After his child needed media care, he started living in the country since mid-January 2021.

His home in the United States (US) is also not free from its mysterious side. His residence in the Old Palo Alto area, California, USA, reportedly became a secret office after it was said to have burned down last September.

He is said to have several houses there. However, Page is known to be very protective of his privacy

However, the existence of ChatGPT, which went viral, made Page come back. The New York Times reported that Pichai was quite confused about OpenAI’s program because it was considered capable of being better than Google Search.

Pichai finally asked the two founders for help to maintain Google’s search engine dominance. Page and Brin are said to have met with company officials to develop a strategy and agree on a plan to integrate the chatbot feature with the Google search engine.

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