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Before Digital Watches, Ahmed Had Made Bluetooth Speakers

Before Digital Watches, Ahmed Had Made Bluetooth Speakers

Before Digital Watches, Ahmed Had Made Bluetooth Speakers – Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — Ahmed Mohamed, who is currently being widely discussed by the public in cyberspace, is indeed fond of technical matters. In addition to building a digital clock, Ahmed is recorded as having made a speaker that utilizes Bluetooth technology.

To the Dallas Morning News , he said that the Bluetooth speaker he made was eventually given to his friend as a gift. He even wanted to patent the invention because it utilizes technology with neodymium magnets.

So far, other technical details of the Bluetooth speaker device developed by Ahmed are unknown.Ahmed’s name suddenly became famous on social media because of the digital clock he built. However, his name became famous not because of the sophisticated technology in the digital clock, but because the school thought the clock was a bomb.On Monday, September 14, 2015, Ahmed brought his digital clock to school, MacArthur High School in Irving, Texas, United States. He wanted to show off to his engineering teacher what he was developing.

“This is what it looks like. It’s really cool,” said the 14-year-old Muslim .

Before meeting his engineering teacher, Ahmed was in English class. His digital clock kept beeping throughout the class, annoying the teacher. The English teacher said it looked like a bomb and decided to take Ahmed to the principal’s office.

Shortly after, Ahmed was taken to the police station, his hands cuffed behind his back, and the police took his fingerprints.

While Ahmed was at the police station, a photo of Ahmed in handcuffs circulated on social media. At that time, Ahmed was seen wearing a NASA shirt, with a confused and scared face. Ahmed’s younger brother asked his friends to spread the photo.

The next day, the photo quickly spread on social media and the issue of racismechoed.

Support for this Muslim boy poured in so much that the hashtags #IStandWithAhmed and #FreeAhmedMohamed appeared as a sign of support for freeing Ahmed.

The school finally apologized to Ahmed for this action. They admitted their mistake and this incident was used as a learning moment for cases of racism.

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