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A Look Back at the History of Great Bluetooth Headsets

A Look Back at the History of Great Bluetooth Headsets

A Look Back at the History of Great Bluetooth Headsets – The invention of the headset has revolutionized the way we do our activities, especially when listening to music. By using a headset, you can now listen to your favorite songs even in a crowded room without disturbing others. As time goes by and technology advances, the function and sophistication of the headset also develops.

No longer have to connect the headset to the device via cable, now there is a good Bluetooth headset that offers more advantages through various flagship features. Some of them are like microphones to noise-canceling technology. How did the Bluetooth headset evolve to become an important part of the modern lifestyle today? Check out the following review.

Became an operator’s equipment in 1881

Generally, most people use headsets to listen to music. However, in fact, headsets originally had nothing to do with music. Headsets were not intended for listening to music and were first used around 1881 by telephone operators.

It wasn’t until 1895 that people started using headphones that resembled stethoscopes to listen to their favorite songs. The electrophone system invented in England gave customers the opportunity to listen to live performances from a London cinema. This was the beginning of the great Bluetooth headset story.

Nathaniel Baldwin, the inventor of the first headset

The first person behind the invention of the modern headset was an American engineer named Nathaniel Baldwin. He made the first pair of headsets ( headsets that could amplify sound) at his home in 1910. When his idea was rejected by private investors, Nathaniel Baldwin turned to the military. 

Just like other inventors, Nathaniel Baldwin did not give up easily and persevered in carrying out his idea in making a headset . At that time, the navy was interested in the invention and ordered 100 pairs of headsets . Baldwin became a rich man, but unfortunately he never patented his invention.

Equipment for war

Initially, headsets were used as equipment for World War I. The American military was interested in Baldwin’s invention during World War I and used it for pilots to support war needs. That’s why in the past, headsets were generally marketed and used for aviation purposes during wartime. In 1961, the use of headsets developed for the needs of airplane cockpits. Headsets were also favored by pilots because they were light and comfortable to wear.

The emergence of headset development companies

The transformation of headsets from being used for war needs, then continuing to the aviation sector, until finally now widely used for listening to music, is inseparable from the emergence of many headset development companies , one of which is Bose. This product, which is generally preferred as a practical portable tool to be carried anywhere, has many entertainment benefits when used.

Thanks to the presence of these companies, the function of the headset has also developed widely. You can use a headset for various types of entertainment such as CDs, DVD players, home theaters , video games, computers, and so on. Headsets are also compatible with portable devices such as digital audio players , MP3 players , and even mobile phones . Currently, there are even many fields of work that also utilize good Bluetooth  headsets to facilitate communication.

For example, TV stations widely use headsets as a means of delivering messages from the show director to presenters or other TV crews to achieve communication without being heard by other parties. A good Bluetooth headset is also useful for the needs of activities in soundproof recording studios. That way, the noise from outside the headset can be muffled.

Headsets from the 1950s to the 1970s

Throughout the 1950s to 1970s, headsets underwent many developments. This can be seen from the features embedded to the function of their use. The following is an explanation of the development of headsets throughout the 1950s to 1970s.


Inventor John Koss created the first pair of high fidelity ( hifi ) stereo headsets to demonstrate the sound quality of a portable phonograph . These headsets featured an innovative “privacy switch” for private, silent listening. Koss’ headsets allowed people to listen to stereo in the privacy of their homes, making them popular with soldiers returning from the war.

John Koss’s first headsets took the basic design of the Baldwin headset , then enhanced it with larger cups and more advanced stereo technology. The thin leather of the Baldwin version was retained, but with added padding for comfort. By the 1960s, the headsets had become more modern, high-tech, featuring wider headbands, radio dials , and noise-canceling cups similar to fighter pilot headgear .


Entering the 1960s and 1970s, headset marketing began to follow pop culture with advertisements featuring many models. There were even manufacturers who collaborated with the legendary band The Beatles to launch their latest headset . Named Beatlephones, this headset had a colorful appearance with photos of The Beatles on each cup .

The Beatlephones headset design is a solid example of 1960s hard-cup headphone technology. It features a wide headset strap , navy blue coated cups , and metal hardware. The launch of this product expanded the headset market from the hifi geek circle to teenagers, setting the stage for future headset launches that were primarily focused on young people.


After John Koss made headsets increasingly popular as a way to turn on stereo and “escape” the noise of the world, innovation came from other manufacturers with the first open headphones with ventilated cups on the market.

The technology allows external sounds to be somewhat muffled, making it the beginning of a future for headphones to be worn in public rather than indoors like at home or in the office. With the HD414’s bright yellow foam earpads and “Open-Air” earphones , the headphones have a light, proto-80s neon vibe that speaks to the mobile era.


The launch of the Walkman, the first super-light portable stereo cassette , changed the existential function of the headset. From being a form of technology to aid concentration, the headset has become a way to create free individual autonomy in public spaces.

This was to counter the Walkman’s public use, creating a sense of personal space anywhere. The Walkman’s presence also led to an explosion of affordable aftermarket headsets , paving the way for future companies focused solely on headset technology .

The emergence of earbuds

Entering the 2000s, precisely in 2001, the design of a good Bluetooth headset developed along with the emergence of earbuds. The popularity of earbuds soared so quickly because at that time, the product was marketed as a complement to MP3 players.

As a Bluetooth headset , earbuds have also undergone their own evolution. In 2012, earbuds underwent a significant change in terms of design. This device came in the form of a small hair dryer with a protruding tip. While the previous model looked flatter, like a white M&M candy.

The development of headsets from 2000 to today

The history of a good Bluetooth headset is also inseparable from the developments that occurred throughout the 2000s. Along with the widespread use of the internet and the explosion of technological sophistication, the use of headsets has also grown quite rapidly. Here is the review.


The year 2000 marked the history of a great Bluetooth headset in modern times. This was also the beginning of the popularity of the headset . At the same time, experts developed new audio technologies that made various types of audio devices more affordable for everyone. The presence of modern audio devices allowed users to appear trendy without having to compromise on sound quality.

The popularity of Bluetooth headsets in the 2000s was also marked by the emergence of better noise isolation features. This was also balanced with a more snug fit in the ear canal. The year 2000 also marked the launch of the Bose QuietComfort product line which improved noise-canceling technology and set several new standards.


As mentioned earlier, 2001 was the year when earbuds emerged, one of the milestones in the history of good Bluetooth headsets. Moreover, the emergence of earbuds was paired with a music player device that was claimed to be able to store more than 1000 songs. As a result, the popularity of earbuds increased. This popularity is what makes earbuds one of the benchmarks for other manufacturers in producing good Bluetooth headsets .

2003 – present

After the success of earbuds , other companies worked harder on promotion. Some decided to not only improve the sound quality, but also focus on experimenting in design. One brand even introduced military-grade headphones that are extremely durable and can survive multiple falls.

A few years later, in 2008, a revolution occurred with the emergence of Bluetooth headphones equipped with special bass sound . Now, good Bluetooth headsets are widely used by many people from various circles. Headsets have become an inseparable part of today’s modern lifestyle.

Advanced features of today’s Bluetooth earphones and headsets

Today’s Bluetooth earphones and headsets have many advanced features that make the audio listening experience better. Some of them are wireless features, the ability to store data files , and features that eliminate noise from outside the user. 

All the features on a good Bluetooth headset are aimed at making the use of the headset much more comfortable so that it can meet the needs of its users, especially the younger generation. Here is information about the advanced features of today’s Bluetooth earphones and headsets :

Noise canceling

Noise canceling is a technology used by earphones or headsets to prevent outside noise from entering and interfering with the sound on the device. This feature is used by many earphone and headset products because it does not pose a health risk and is very safe to use.

Headsets or earphones do not emit low-level radiation, making them very suitable for everyday use without worrying about causing health risks. On the other hand, users can listen to audio through good Bluetooth earphones or headsets more optimally.

Touch control

With touch control , you can play or pause audio, skip forward or backward, change the volume, and perform basic call functions. The buttons found on some Bose headset products such as the Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones 700 have a default function, namely setting the noise-cancelling level which can also be done in the Bose Music app.

High battery life

One of the things to consider when buying a good Bluetooth headset is the quality of battery life. The advanced features of today’s Bluetooth headsets are the main parameters to consider because you definitely don’t want to recharge the headset’s battery too often. Therefore, choose a headset like the Bose Noise Canceling Headphones 700 which can last up to 20 hours on a single full charge .


There are many reasons why you need a good Bluetooth headset that is waterproof . Waterproof Bluetooth headsets are perfect for:

  • Sweat-resistant – With- resistant headset , you can use it while exercising without compromising the sound quality produced.
  • Everyday use – Suitable for everyday use, you can use a good Bluetooth headset for work, when cleaning the house, or even for walking or adventuring.
  • Better sound quality – Another big advantage of waterproof headsets is the sound quality. Since they are made to be used underwater, they are designed with loud and crisp sound quality.
  • Last longer –  Waterproof headsets offer a relatively longer lifespan than a regular pair of headsets . If you have a regular pair of headsets , chances are they are not waterproof and are more likely to get damaged. As a result, you will need to buy a new pair of headsets every few months. Meanwhile,good waterproof Bluetooth headset is made to withstand more hazardous conditions and will last longer.
  • Can be used in the rain – If you can’t leave your workout schedule even in the rain, then you needwaterproof headset . Running in the rain and using a regular headset will certainly make the device not function properly. The ears will fill with water, the headset will be damaged, or in the worst case scenario, it will break due to being filled with water. Having a pair ofwaterproof headsets prevents you from all of that and makes your workout activities more enjoyable.

One of the good and waterproof Bluetooth headset products from Bose is the Bose Sport Earbuds. Dust and splash resistant, it is very safe to use for listening to music while exercising or adventuring.

Bluetooth headphones equipped with Active Noise Cancelling

This one feature can be a solution for those of you who often travel and want to have a private ambience . An example is the Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones 700. Here are the advantages of the Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones 700:

  • Built-in battery with 20 hours of battery life for listening to audio with Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones 700.
  • The modern minimalist headphone design makes these headphones look more elegant and comfortable to use.
  • With just 15 minutes of charging, you can listen to music for up to 2 hours.
  • It even has an LED battery indicator for the headphones , so you don’t have to guess when charging them.

Connected to the application

Thanks to the connection feature with the application, it will be easier and more practical for you to control music on a good Bluetooth headset . You can find this on Bose headset products , which can be connected to the Bose Music App. This mobile application makes it easy to access all your favorite music on Bose products.

Popular music services like Spotify are also easily accessible. You can also listen to music, podcasts , and other audio content through TuneIn-powered internet radio. For added convenience, you can personalize your experience with all connected Bose products through the Bose Music App.

That’s the information about the flashback of the history of good Bluetooth headsets . Now the use of Bluetooth headsets is not only limited to listening to music or podcasts , but also supports various activities such as traveling , sleeping, or sports to be more optimal. Just make sure you choose a Bluetooth headset that has been tested for quality such as those made by Bose to provide a great audio listening experience. Click here to check out various collections of Bluetooth headsets from Bose!

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