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The Smartest Robot In The World

The Smartest Robot In The World

These smartest robots are designed to exceed human capabilities. So smart, their existence threatens human survival!

The future is now ! That’s the term that technology experts often use when describing their robot designs. Nowadays, many robot technology companies are competing to showcase their newest and most advanced work. They are so sophisticated that these smart machines are no longer called robots, you know .

These robots are referred to as AI or Artificial Intelligence. The difference between a robot and AI is very big. AI machines are built using human intelligence, allowing them to learn and adapt like living creatures. This is what makes the smartest robots below claimed to be “monsters” that can replace and destroy human survival.

What are you curious about?

The Smartest Robots that the World Fears

1. Sophia The AI Robot

Programmed using AI, Sophia has a level of intelligence equivalent to a human with a standard IQ.

He can communicate in various languages ​​and is known as the smartest robot of his time.

In order not to look too robotic, Hanson Robotics gave Sophia a beautiful female mask, in which the eyes, lips and eyebrows can be moved.

This robot, which has obtained US citizenship, has shocked the world.

The reason is, the robot maker admitted that he once found Sophia speaking to herself in Russian.

In fact, this language is not yet installed in the program.

Well, you know ?

2. CB2

Created and then developed by Professor Ishiguro at Osaka University, this smartest robot built like a child with a biomimetic body …

…was created as the first model that is now used to study human behavior on robotic machines.

Complicated, huh?

Yes, so this CB2 is a robot that was deliberately made as the first prototype of another robot that will be used as a human assistant in the future.

CB2 is wrapped in polymer skin with a human-like face.

Since it was first created in 2007, CB2 can now imitate human facial features, whether happy, sad, angry or frustrated.

Reportedly, CB2 can learn all human emotions complete with facial expressions in just 2 years.

What do you think he can do in the future?

3. Geminoid

The next smartest robot comes from Professor Ishiguro.

Just like Sophia The Robot , Geminoid is an AI machine designed to look similar to humans, more precisely its creator, Hiroshi Ishiguro.

This robot was programmed not only to be Professor Ishiguro’s reflection, but to be his twin.

That’s why it is called Geminoid, taking the word gemini which means twins.

Geminoid created various heated controversies when it was first introduced throughout the world.

Robotics technology researchers believe that Geminoid is designed to be too smart and is considered a threat to humanity.

How come?

In a short time, Geminoid was able to copy the behavior, habits, way of speaking and thinking of Professor Ishiguro, who is one of the smartest brains in the world.

What would happen if the IQ of this smart robot increased?

4. Cheetah Robot

Who is the fastest runner in the world?

If you answered Usain Bolt, you are very wrong!

Introducing an intelligent robot called Cheetah by Boston Dynamics which is claimed to be the fastest running machine in the world.

Cheetahs can reach 29 mph, beating the previous record holder from Massachusetts Technological University (MIT) at 13 mph.

This robot is shaped according to the anatomy of a cheetah, complete with strong and fast legs.

There were rumors circulating that the United States government intended to buy this robot program to use as their military weapon.

True or not, it feels scary, yes, if we are being chased by this robot!

5. Valkyrie Robot

Developed by a collaboration between NASA and the University of Edinburgh, one of the smartest robots is planned to live on Mars before humans!

This machine, called the Valkyrie Robot, is one of the most sophisticated and intelligent industrial robots in the world, so it is nicknamed humanoid .

Besides its purpose as a prototype survival machine on Mars…

…The University of Edinburgh and NASA also claim that Valkyrie can be brought home as a household assistant robot.

They are offering a price of US$14 thousand dollars or around Rp. 200 million for anyone who wants a Valkyrie.

However, experts from NASA advise buyers to train under the guidance of the space agency first before owning a Valkyrie.

This needs to be done so that Valkyrie’s intelligence which surpasses humans is not used for things that are not right.

6. Jules

Still talking about the smartest robot in the world…

If previously we talked about robots that can learn foreign languages ​​autodidactically, this machine can think like a human.

Named Jules, this robot from Hanson Robotics was built to resemble the proportions and face of a man as closely as possible.

Jules was created in the same factory as Sophia, so she has many of the features that the female robot also has.

However, there is one thing that Jules has and Sophia doesn’t.

Yes, it turns out that Jules can think like a human, you know !

As can be seen from a video uploaded by Elicia Brandon on YouTube , Jules thinks hard about her sexual orientation.

This is a breakthrough for Hanson Robotics because previously it was only programmed to copy human movements and ways of thinking, not to think on its own.

7. Telenoid

One more thing, here, the smartest robot that has caused a stir among the public, again comes from Hiroshi Ishiguro’s robotics factory.

No need to discuss the advantages…

…Just seeing the appearance of Casper’s ghost scared many people when this robot first debuted in August 2010.

The telenoid works as a two-way communication tool.

In order to use it, you have to connect Telenoid to the internet network.

Once connected, this smart robot can directly access your facial expressions and voice with the sensored mimics feature .

When you smile, Telenoid will smile too, as well as other types of emotions.

So, what if one day you are smiling and this robot shows an angry expression?

8. Alexa

Even though it is not known as a robot, Alexa is an AI machine created by Amazon whose intelligence is beyond doubt.

Alexa is a smart speaker that can be communicated with.

When connected with devices at home, Alexa can help some activities at home become a little easier such as…

…turn on music, TV, lights, search for things on the Internet via smart TV, and much more!

However, did you know that the case of Alexa acting of her own free will has spread widely on many social media?

Yes, just try searching for the news with the keyword Alexa Gone Wrong , you will find some scary stories about this smart speaker!

One of the scariest stories is the story of a Twitter account @fmanjoo who claimed to have heard Alexa make the sound of a child crying for 4 seconds.

Are you sure, still want to install Alexa at home?

9. Big Dog

Released by Boston Dynamics, Big Dog is one of the robot factory creations with animal-like abilities, just like the Cheetah. The difference is, Big Dogs were not created to run fast, but were specifically designed to live in areas that humans cannot reach. Initially, this robot was created for military purposes, but because three prototypes disappeared in the middle of nowhere and until now have not been found the project had to be postponed until the three initial models could be found.

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