Pistachio Tree

The pistachio is a deciduous dry fruit. Pistachio tree is, about ten meters high, with a long age and slow growth. It takes at least six years from the year of planting to bear fruit, which is one of the reasons why the price of pistachios is relatively expensive. The fruiting rate will increase year by year, and it will mostly be yellow-green when mature. It is native to Iran, the southwest of the former Soviet Union, Syria and other places.

pistachio tree photo
pistachio tree photo

  Pistachios are rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidant elements, and have significant characteristics such as low fat, low calories and high fiber. Because of its growth habit, it is suitable for planting in sunny mountainous areas with an altitude of 600 meters to 1,200 meters. It is best to use calcareous soil and well-drained loose sand. It is mainly plant in mountain areas.

  Pistachio trees are drought tolerant, cold tolerant, and highly adaptable. But they are more susceptible to frost damage. So try to choose the middle of the hillside, open flat land. And a place sheltered from the wind and sunshine. When planting, you can choose either finished seedlings or sprouts. First dig a tree pit with a diameter of 60 centimeters. Keep the tree roots level with the ground, firm the soil while planting, and then water it once.

pistachio tree
pistachio tree

  It is not suitable for high-density planting because its branches have strong growth ability. High-density planting will affect normal growth and must be pruned regularly. Consider applying more organic fertilizers to increase the probability of fruiting. However, due to its long growth time and low yield, it is not planted in large quantities.

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