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Nowadays, roadside snacks are becoming more and more popular. Even wealthy people prefer to come here to eat these snacks instead of going to fancy restaurants. Although the bus ride is not clean and hygienic, it is cheap and delicious. There are many people who still can’t stand the temptation. If they don’t eat a little every day, they feel like something is missing, but they can’t help but want to eat. But there are five kinds of snacks here, the least clean ones. Many people have eaten at least two of them. The last one is all over the streets. How many have you eaten?

A view of roadside snacks
A view of roadside snacks

sweet potatoes

The first type is roasted sweet potatoes on the street. Many people especially like to eat roasted sweet potatoes, especially as the weather is getting colder. Eating roasted sweet potatoes can keep you warm. But there are some of the oldest roasted sweet potatoes on the street. They are made using the most rustic method, using unburned charcoal. Some poisons will be released during the burning process, and these poisons will inadvertently enter the roasted sweet potatoes.

sweet potatoes is very coomon on roadside
sweet potatoes is very coomon as roadside snacks

Therefore, sweet potatoes will be contaminated to a certain extent and are particularly unhygienic. The vats in which sweet potatoes are roasted are made from discarded chemicals. There will inevitably be some impurities in it, and when exposed to high temperatures, some poisons that are very unhealthy for the human body will be released.

Boiled corn

Boiled corn, easy available as roadside snacks
Boiled corn, easy available as roadside snacks

The second type is boiled corn. During the corn-ripening season, many people will sell boiled corn on the street in advance. And it is original, looks particularly fresh, and tastes particularly tender. But many of them contain knights and other stuff. People passing by will smell the real sweet aroma. Many people wonder why they can’t smell such a sweet aroma when cooking at home. In fact, one time I took my child to the street. When the child was clamouring for some tender corn, I went to buy it for him. The boss happened to be too busy, so I opened it myself and took a piece of corn. I found that the water in the corn was very muddy. It is better to eat less of such snacks, as there are additives in them, and eating too much is not good for your health.

Barbecue and grilled items

barbecue also available on roadside
barbecue also available on roadside

The third type is that people now particularly like to eat barbecue on the street, especially grilled gluten, skewers, and the like. But I had a friend who had cooked barbecue before. She told me that there are actually many secrets to barbecue. The ingredients in the barbecue are not only easy to get angry after eating, but also very unhygienic. There is a lot of dust on the street barbecue because they keep brushing oil when grilling, and it is easy to absorb dust. There is also the smell of barbecue smoke floating on top, which is very unhygienic to eat. Eating it for a long time will affect our health.

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