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The Biden administration is ready to supply Ukraine with long-range missiles equipped with cluster bombs, and it will soon be approved.
The British news agency Reuters has quoted US officials as saying that by supplying these missiles, Ukraine will gain the ability to inflict heavy damage on the territories occupied by Russia.

According to officials, after the approval of the American administration, the shipment of these missiles can be send to Ukraine immediately.
The United States is considering supplying Ukraine with Army Tactical Missile Systems (ATACMS). After the success of cluster munitions in 155-mm grain artillery shells over the past few months.

It can fly up to 306 km or deliver a guided missile system armed with cluster bombs. That can hit about 70 km. Both of these systems can be use.
According to two sources familiar with the matter, “the US administration is willing to provide decisive military assistance to Ukraine. If there are signs of progress in the Ukrainian campaign against the Russian army.”
Four sources have said that “the decision to provide the Atacmes System (ATACMS) or Multi-Launch Guided Missile System (MLMS). Or both is not final, and there may be no need to provide these weapons.”

Ukraine currently has 155-mm artillery shells with a maximum range of about 29 km and can carry 48 small bombs.
It should be note that after Russia’s attack on Ukraine on February 24, 2022. The United States assured Kiev of $40 billion in military aid.

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