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In India, a police Havaldar of the Railway Protection Force opened fire in an indian train. From Jaipur to Mumbai, killing one of his officers and three passengers.
According to the Indian Express, Havildar Chetan Singh first fired at Assistant Sub-Inspector Tikaram Meena. With his automatic gun and then targeted the passengers.
Two of the three passengers who died were identified as Asghar Abbas Ali and Abdul Qadir Muhammad Hussain.

According to Indian officials, the shooting incident in the train took place at 5 a.m. When the train left the Vapi railway station and was about two hours away from Mumbai.
A video of the incident has also gone viral on social media, in which Havildar Chetan Singh can be heard standing next to a dead body and saying, ‘If you have to vote, if you have to live in India, I say Modi and Yogi. That’s two.’
Regarding the video, the Indian Railway Police says that we will confirm this video by showing it to the accused. He terrorised the passengers on the train. We will also record statements of ticket checkers, passengers, and railway employees to understand the purpose of the video.
Talking to the Indian Express, the Chief Security Commissioner said that ‘Havaldar Chetan Singh is quick to anger and suffers from mental diseases.’

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