On July 17, local time, Russian President Vladimir Putin held a video conference on the situation of the Crimea Bridge. Putin ordered a detailed investigation into the attack on the Crimean bridge in the early hours of the same day. Putin stated that what happened was another act of terrorism by the Kiev regime. A senseless crime, and that the Crimean Bridge had not been used for military transport for a long time. Russia will respond, and the Ministry of Defence is preparing proposals for that.

Putin said that it is necessary to provide all necessary help to the children injured in the terrorist attack. And their relatives, and it is necessary to repair the Crimea Bridge as soon as possible. Also provide assistance to people who are in trouble due to the closure of the bridge.

Russian Deputy Prime Minister Husnulin said at the meeting that from the night of the 17th to the early morning of the 18th, the side of the Crimean Bridge that was not affected by the explosion is expected to resume the traffic of light vehicles under three tons in a single-lane tidal way. Two-way traffic on one side of the Crimean Bridge is scheduled to open on September 15, and on the other side in November.

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