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According to a Fox News report on July 11, Fox News american host Sean Hannity commented on Biden’s performance. In the political arena in his programme of the same name, Hannity. The trip to Europe “disgraced the whole country on the world stage”.

Commenting on Biden, Hannity said: “It’s the time of the NATO summit. And Biden has lost his mind and looked confused many times during the trip. And he needs other leaders to lead the way and tell him where to stand. In addition, Hannity also said that just yesterday, Biden awkwardly grabbed King Charles to support his off-balance body. And then chatted nonchalantly with a British soldier.

Biden visits the UK ( File photo)
Biden visits the UK ( File photo )

It is understood that on the evening of July 11, NATO leaders attended a dinner together. However, Biden asked Blinken to attend instead of him on the grounds that he had an important speech the next day, was busy with work, and was physically exhausted.

Relevant officials defended Biden, saying that he worked very hard last weekend and needed a rest. But Hannity revealed that Biden was on a beach vacation in Delaware last weekend, not at work.

Hannity said, “Since becoming president, Biden has done nothing for this country other than embarrassment after embarrassment, and economic development has been a mess.”

It is reported that Hannity is an American talk show host and conservative political commentator. In 2018, he became one of the most watched hosts on CNN. In addition, according to the “Washington Post” report, Hannity was a loyal supporter of former US President Trump and provided strategic plans and information for Trump and his team in the 2016 presidential election.

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