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On the 12th, North Korea tested the “Hwasong Gun-18” intercontinental ballistic missile. Calling it the “core weapon system” of the strategic armed forces.

The Korean Central News Agency reported on the 13th that the test launch proved the capability, reliability, and military effectiveness of the new strategic weapon system. And verified the credibility of the DPRK’s nuclear strategic armed forces. In this test launch, the first stage of the missile set to fly in standard ballistic mode. And the second and third stages set in high-angle flight mode. The missile rose to an altitude of more than 6,000 kilometres, and the flight time was more than 4,000 seconds. It finally landed accurately in the target waters of the high seas in eastern North Korea.

The report also said that according to the plan, North Korea’s strategic armed forces will soon be equipped with the “Hwasong Gun-18” intercontinental ballistic missile weapon system.

Kim Jong-un, general secretary of the Workers’ Party of Korea and chairman of the State Council. He guided the test-fire on the spot. And said that the development of North Korea’s strategic armed forces has made important progress through this test-fire. The situation on the peninsula requires the DPRK to strengthen the deterrence of nuclear war, and the DPRK will continue to develop more advanced. More effective, and more reliable weapon systems.

Japanese Chief Cabinet Secretary Hiroichi Matsuno held a national security meeting on the 12th. Hiroichi Matsuno later said at a press conference that Japan, the United States, and South Korea had conducted director-level telephone consultations on the matter.

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