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American experts believe that adopting a strategy of working with the Afghan Taliban will help Washington achieve its goals of fighting terrorism and improving the lives of Afghan women and girls.

According to Arab News, the participants of the debate on American policy towards the Taliban at the Middle East Institute in the American capital, Washington, said that Washington should work together with the Taliban, while other experts disagreed with this point of view. What did

Since the Taliban took control of the country in August 2021, their government has not been recognised internationally, and there are conflicting opinions between countries.

Lisa Curtis, an adviser to former President Donald Trump who participated in the debate. Says that the US government should not work with the Taliban. Based on the treatment of women and girls and the ban on their education.

He said that there has been an increase in incidents of violence against women and girls during the Taliban era. Due to which suicide cases among women have increased.
He criticised the Biden administration, saying it was a “mistake” to negotiate with the Taliban on the basis of terrorism.

He added that if the Taliban are fighting ISIS-affiliated militants. Then the United States should not consider them partners in counter-terrorism.
“Instead, America should focus on helping the women of Afghanistan.”

The Taliban government is not recognized internationally
The Taliban government is not recognized internationally als America

Douglas Linden, A former official of the American intelligence agency

On this occasion, Douglas Linden, a former official of the American intelligence agency. Expressed his opinion and said that he understands the position of Lisa Curtis. But for the United States to achieve its goals against terrorism and to influence the Taliban, They should work together.

Douglas Linden admits that the Taliban are not homogenous and cannot be called progressive, but some may have different interests.
He said that the United States should have a formal presence in Afghanistan. But also acknowledged that this may not be possible at present.

Douglas Linden said that the CIA and other agencies of the US government continue to cooperate with the Taliban. But it is not clear whether this is happening inside Afghanistan or in a third country.
Ronald Newman, the former US ambassador to Afghanistan, says that Washington has no strategy and no clear policy regarding working with the Taliban.
He said that the formal presence of the United States in Kabul would help advance Washington’s policies.

The former ambassador said that America has a moral responsibility to help the people of Afghanistan, especially in an economic context.
He opposed the move by the United States to freeze the assets of Afghanistan worth 500 million dollars, saying that this money was deposited by private banks and has nothing to do with the current government.

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