Artificial Intelligence as a teacher

Professor Stuart Russell, a computer scientist at the University of California, said during the United Nations’ Artificial Intelligence (AI) Good Global Conference in Geneva that advances in AI are likely to lead to school closures. Even teachers may not be needed.

Russell says tutors like ChatGPT have the potential to make education vastly superior and global through personal tutoring via smartphone. Citing studies done on human tutors, Russell said tutoring can be two to three times more effective than classroom learning.

AI can provide education to all the students in the world.

artificial intelligence as a teacher
artificial intelligence as a teacher

That’s why tutors are used in Oxford and Cambridge. It is impossible to do this for every child in the world, but with AI, it can be possible. With this, all the students in the world can also get the same level of education on many subjects. With the advent of AI in the field of education, the role of teachers can be completely eliminated.

However, before bringing AI into education, it is very important to train and control it. Controlling Artificial Intelligence systems at this time is technically challenging. If control over AI is lost, then its consequences can be fatal. Experts have expressed apprehension that if AI is not regulated properly, it can also have a bad effect on students in the future.


If the use of AI in the education sector is beneficial, then it is also a danger. Artificial Intelligence this time, a limited curriculum is selected for teaching in schools. Due to a lack of information with AI, students may not start learning techniques like making bombs while reading about subjects related to their curriculum.

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