21-year-old Jasmin Kaur

A man in Australia killed his ex-girlfriend by burying her alive with wires.
According to NDTV, the name of the 21-year-old victim from India was Jasmin Kaur; she was a nursing student.

Jasmine Kaur’s ex-boyfriend tied her up and buried her alive in the Flinders Ranges, Australia.
According to Nine News, in the hearing held on Wednesday, the court termed the incident revenge’ on behalf of the victim’s ex-boyfriend and killer, Tarik Jot Singh.

Tarak Jot Singh killed the victim after abducting her in March 2021. Tariq confessed to the murder of his ex-girlfriend in February of this year.
He had thrown Jasmin alive in the pit, where the police found the body of the victim.

The prosecutor says that Tarak Jot Singh killed his ex-girlfriend. Because he was upset after the break-up. While the victim’s mother, Rishpal Singh, says that Tarak was lying behind her daughter.

According to Nine News, Tarak Jot Singh kidnapped the victim from Adelaide, where she worked. After abducting her, they put Jasmin in the trunk of the car and buried her alive after driving for four hours.

Jasmine was blindfolded and her body was tied with wires and tape.
Prosecutor Carmen Matteo called it a crime of ‘extraordinary cruelty’.

Internet Photo
Internet Photo

Prosecutor Carmen Matteo said that they would have had to constantly struggle for life. This is a very bad with Jasmine

Jasmine’s mother says

According to ABC News, the victim’s mother says, “I think it will be a series of horrible scenes.” I wonder when she would have realized that she was dying.’

There was no one to save him. He spent his last hours in the world witnessing the worst human atrocity. Jasmine is died and I am heartbroken. She was a very precious girl.
Jasmine’s mother says she will never forgive the killer.

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